Join our new breakfast quiz!

We have experienced that many are happy to have breakfast with us. We therefore expand the breakfast offer with our own breakfast quiz at Lysstøperiet, Henningsvær. Our quizmaster this year is Wolfgang Plagge.

For several years we have arranged our own breakfast concert where the audience gets breakfast, music and entertainment. The breakfast concert has been sold out every year. In 2018 we decided to move the concert to Trevarefabrikken to get even better space.

Several have given us feedback that events earlier in the day are a nice variation in the festival. We have already introduced several lunch concerts – this year these will be on Friday (Kaviarfabrikken, Henningsvær) and Saturday (Henningsvær Church). In addition, three musical lectures will be held during the week.

We also wanted to make another breakfast concert. Unfortunately, this is challenging as most artists have daytime rehersals. That was how the idea of ​​breakfast quiz came up. That we already had Wolfgang Plagge in the program made this even easier. He has carried out similar concepts earlier and is looking forward to being the first quizmaster during the festival.

We look forward to inviting you to a breakfast quiz at Lysstøperiet in Henningsvær, Wednesday 10 July at 09.00. Breakfast is served from 08.15. The breakfast quiz is conducted in Norwegian.

Our quizmaster Wolfgang Plagge prepares the exercises for breakfast. There will be exercises related to classical music, relevant to the festival. Some of the exercises will have musical features in them. The purpose is for the participants to both show knowledge, but also learn something new. We hope that participants at all levels will enjoy the event.

It is possible to make teams, but we also expect more people to come alone or in smaller groups.

There will be prizes after the quiz.

Simple breakfast is included in the ticket.

For tickets, click here.

Breakfast at Lysstøperiet (Photo: Tom Helstad/Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival
Breakfast at Lysstøperiet (Photo: Tom Helstad/Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival
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