Wolfgang Plagge gives musical lectures

Throughout the festival week, Wolfgang Plagge will give several lectures with classical music as a theme. At the lectures, he has a piano set readily available for coloring and illustrations. In addition to the lectures, Wolfgang introduces several of the concerts, both in Vågan and Vestvågøy.

Wolfgang Plagge is remembered by the adult generation as the prodigy on the piano. Today he is both a popular pianist and composer, and not least a spiritual and entertaining lecturer. He often pulls himself on the keys to exemplify.

For this year’s festival he has tailored three lectures that fit well with both the festival, the program and not least the audience. The themes are meant to be simple in order to also attract those who are not necessarily educated in classical music. At the same time, the point is that even simple topics within the music can show how complex some things are. The purpose is to give an increased understanding of compositions, the music, and not least the classical music tradition as such.

NB: All lectures are conducted in Norwegian.

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