Friends' association

The Friends’ Association consists of the festival‘s closest supporters and ambassadors. Members pay an annual membership fee kr. 500,-. As a member, there are a number of benefits associated with the festival.

Member benefits:

  • Pre-access to the program for each festival. The friends’ association is also invited to its own gatherings where the program is presented exclusively.
  • Advance access to tickets.
  • Separate reception in connection with the opening concert of each festival. Several of the artists are also presented here exclusively.
  • Own theme tour: Every year, separate music tours are arranged with an exclusive program and guide to current cultural cities in Europe.

For membership, please contact us here.

Contact us

Operational Manager

Knut Kirkesæther
Phone: +47 913 98 640

Events | Market

Christian Winther Farstad
Phone: +47 952 22 640

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