Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival saw its light in 2004 as Norway’s northernmost of its kind. The festival celebrated its first 15 years in 2019. Through its over 15 years, the festival has established itself as an institution in the region with its annual festivals.

Lofoten Piano Festival

Lofoten Piano Festival

As a subsidiary festival for the chamber music festival, Lofoten Piano Festival saw its light in 2014 as Norway’s only piano festival. The festival has in a short time become a recognized piano festival among other major European piano festivals.

Program history

The program is the festivals’ core product. Every year, new programs are developed to attract audiences from all over the world. The program history is the best reference to what the festivals have achieved and is important documentation of what the festivals stand for.

Grand Pianos in Lofoten

At the establishment of the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival, there was not a single Steinway & Sons available in the area. Together with a strong local commitment, the festival has been a major driving force for what is referred to as “black magic”. Today there are 10 Steinway & Sons available for Lofoten the whole year. Two of these are owned by the festival itself. The development was also the starting point for the Lofoten Piano Festival in 2014.

Steinway Prize Winner Concerts

In 2016, the Lofoten Piano Festival entered into a collaboration with the Grieg Competition in Bergen. Here, the festival also received an offer to collaborate with Steinway & Son’s own concert series for young prize winners – Steinway Prize Winner Concerts. The concept was implemented for the first time in 2019 during the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival.

Steinway & Sons

The grand pianos of Steinway & Sons do not only dominate during the festivals. Since its establishment in 1853, Steinway & Sons has gradually developed and is today the preferred instrument of most pianists in the world. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find the same instruments as in Lofoten on the big stages around the world.

Friends’ association

The Friends’ Association is the festival’s closest supporters and ambassadors. Through an annual contingent, members receive several benefits. In addition, a separate theme tour is arranged for the friends’ association.


During each festival, a number of tasks are performed by volunteers. They work day and night so that musicians and the audience can get the most out of participating in the festival. The festival is constantly looking for new volunteers for various tasks.

The organization

The festivals are organized as a foundation with Vågan Municipality, Vestvågøy Municipality, Knut Kirkesæther and Arvid Engegård as founders.

Contact us

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