In order for both our artists and our audience to have the best possible experience during the festival, there are many tasks that must be solved. Both before and after the concerts, we work hard to make each concert a highlight.

It would not have been possible to carry out our festivals without a large network of competent and committed people. We are very grateful to all volunteers attending every year to make this possible.

If you would like to volunteer during our festivals, we appreciate your contact with us.

What can you do?

During the festival, a wide range of tasks are carried out. Since our concerts are spread around in Lofoten, it is an advantage to have your own car. We still try as well as we can to plan transport for our volunteers.

Food / Catering | Serving | Audience host | Fire Guard | Ticket sales | Artist host | Personnel transport | instrument transport

What can we offer?

If you want to contribute, we can promise you a week with a unique community, wonderful music and good experiences. Most of the tasks are related to the concerts. You will therefore be at the core of what happens during the week. In addition, you get free access to one or more of our concerts.

Send your interest:

Audience in Lofoten Cathedral 2017 (photo: Tom Helstad/Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival)


The members of the buddy association are our closest ambassadors. Members pay an annual subscription of NOK. 500, –. As a member there are a number of advantages in connection with the festival.

Member Benefits:
  • Pre-access to the program for each festival. It is also special presentations where the program is presented exclusively.
  • Advance tickets to tickets.
  • Own reception in connection with the opening concert of each festival. Here also several of the artists are presented exclusively.
  • Festival’s own theme travel: Every year, separate music trips are organized with an exclusive program and guide to relevant cultural cities in Europe.

Want to join?

If you would like to know more about the friend association or want to become a member you can fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Concert in Lofoten Kulturhus 2018 (photo: Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival)
Oslo Camerata in Lofoten Kulturhus 2018 (photo: Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival)
Final Concert 2018 (photo: Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival)

Piano tuning in Lofoten

In Lofoten there are many pianos, but no piano technicians. For many, it is therefore a challenge to get the instrument tuned, and many turn to us for help. We are happy to help.

Each year, Lofoten’s many pianos are used in our concerts. Not only do they adorn churches and cultural centers, but they are treated by world-renowned concert pianists. This requires that the instruments are in the same condition as on any other world scene. We have therefore linked some of the best piano technicians in the industry.

A living instrument

A piano is in many ways a living instrument. It is influenced by humidity and temperature, the strings are affected both by the time and diligent use. Not only do the instruments sound better if they are well maintained. They also stay better. We therefore recommend everyone to regularly provide maintenance to their piano. This is a good investment if you want to have the instrument long.

We at the festival want to contribute by enabling Lofoten to access good piano technicians regularly. It can sometimes be “our” technicians, sometimes others with high skills.

Fill in the form below with your contact information and the desired time for service. We will try to adapt your desire to our needs. We usually plan this in good time and you will be notified.

Send your interest:

Grand Pianos in Lofoten Kulturhus (photo: Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival)
Inside the Steinway model D in Lofoten Kulturhus (photo: Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival)


The Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival is a foundation with Vågan municipality, Arvid Engegård, and Knut Kirkesæther as founders.

Brynjar Tollefsen (leader), Jann-Magne Kasteng-Jacobsen, Astrid Lindgaard Olsen, Hilde Hovde, and Christian Winther Farstad.

Knut Kirkesæther | Manager | +47 913 98 640 | knut@lofotenfestival.com
Christian Winther Farstad | Media and arrangement | +47 952 22 640 | christian@lofotenfestival.com
Arvid Engegård | Artistic Director for Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival
Christian Ihle Hadland | Artistic Director for Lofoten Piano Festival 2020


The Kavli Trust

The Kavli Trust owns the dairy product company Q-meieriene and other Kavli businesses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain. Ownership is managed through Kavli Holding AS.

Profit that is not used to cover operating expenses and business development goes to the Kavli Trust, a trust that awards funds to good causes within humanitarian work, research and culture.

The majority of the funds  go to projects in the four countries where they operate. The rest goes to development projects in impoverished countries.

We support a broad spectrum of projects but prioritise some thematic areas. In the four countries where they operate, they prioritise mental health for children and youth, work for inclusion and prevention of loneliness, health research, and projects that give more people the opportunity to take part in and experience cultural events. In developing countries, they prioritise projects within education for children and youth, health, and different forms of entrepreneurship.

Their goal is to contribute to making a difference in the lives of individuals, in their local communities and to society as a whole.

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival and Lofoten Piano Festival have proudly received support from the Kavli Trust since 2012.

Total E&P Norway

Total E&P Norway gives return to the local community. They choose projects that can be further developed through their support. In particular, they have chosen to focus their social responsibility on research and culture.

Research is important for the energy industry’s development. They are therefore an active sponsor of doctoral programs, both of which are relevant both to the company and the industry as a whole.

Total E&P has long traditions for cultural sponsorship as it enriches employees, partners and communities they are a part of. They therefore support a number of cultural projects in Norway, from north to south.

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival and Lofoten Piano Festival have proudly received support from Total E&P Norway since 2007.