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Engegård Quartet

Under the midnight sun in Lofoten, the Engegård Quartet was established in 2005. Today, they are one of Norway’s most sought-after ensembles. Their bold, fresh interpretations of the classical repertoire combined with a deep connection to their Scandinavian roots have also gained them international attention.

The quartet’s first release in 2008 received rave reviews. “The playing is breathtaking” commented The Strad, whereas the International Record View expressed “First rate quartet playing”. Their second release won Pizzicato magazine’s “Supersonic Award”. A later release with works by Grieg, Sibelius and Olav Anton Thommessen was praised by Tully Potter in Music Web International with “here we have probably got the interpretation that all Grieg lovers have been waiting for”. Recently the quartet published Mozart’s “Prussian Quartets” and all of Schumann’s string quartets.

The Engegård Quartet has performed in several of Europe’s finest arenas, including the Mozarteum in Salzburg and Prague’s Rudolfinum. They have also toured South America with concerts in Bogotá and Sao Paolo. They have participated in festivals such as the Delft Chamber Music Festival, the SoNoRo Festival in Bucharest and Heidelberg’s Streichquartettfest.

The Engegård Quartet has worked with several of the world’s leading performers. Among them we find András Schiff, Leif Ove Andsnes, Christian Ihle Hadland, and Emma Johnson. They also collaborate with performers from various musical traditions, including folk musician Nils Økland, jazz violinist Ola Kvernberg, and actor Bjørn Sundquist.

Promotes chamber music

Especially in Norway, the Engegård Quartet is known for promoting chamber music. The quartet’s leader, Arvid Engegård, is both founder and artistic director of the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival. Violist Juliet Jopling is heavily involved in the Oslo Quartet Series both as founder and artistic advisor.

The quartet has also established its own mini-festival “1-2-3“. The festival takes place every autumn in Oslo. Focusing on one composer each year, the festival brings together some of the country’s best musicians.

The Engegård Quartet is supported by the Norwegian Art Council.

Read more about the Engegård Quartet here.


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