This years final concert – what was played?

The final concert was also performed this year at Buksnes Church as a conclusion to the festival. With over 400 tickets sold, it was a worthy end to the festival week.

As usual, the program for the final concert is scheduled through the festival week. The last numbers are usually not decided until the same day as the concert itself. This contributes to some of the playfulness and spontaneity we want to create in the concert.

This year was also an extraordinary experience. Most of our musicians contributed in every way. Several solo pieces followed by one, two and three quartets together. This year the audience were also singing, which we received very good feedback on.

We have received several inquiries from dedicated audience members who want the program for the concert. Although this was announced along the way, it can be difficult to remember. The program from this year’s final concert can therefore be found below.

Norwegian folk tone: Bruremarsch from Beiarn – Arvid Engegård
Dvorak: Piano Quintet – Sonoro String Quartet and Georgy Tchaidze
Debussy: Poissons d’or – Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula
Piazzolla: Allegro Tangabile – Per Arne Glorvigen, Engegård Quartet and Georgy Tchaidze
Bach / Busoni: Kom, Gott Schöpfer / Nun kom der Heiden Heiland – Joachim Carr
Britten: Divertimento – Doric String Quartet
Tchaikovsky: from the Seasons – March: The Lark Song / August: The Harvest – Georgy Tchaidze
Sigmund Lillebjerka: Joik Suite – The Engegård Quartet
Bartok: String Quartet No. 4 – Engegård Quartet
Weber: Clarinet Quintet – Anton Dressler and Doric String Quartet
Mendelssohn: Octet – Engegård Quartet and Doric String Quartet
Strauss: Pizzicatopolka – Engegård Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Sonoro
Schubert: Der Toth und das Madchen – Johannes Held, Engegård Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Sonoro
Schubert: Erlkönig – Johannes Held, Engegård Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Sonoro
Piazzolla: Oblivión – Per Arne Glorvigen, Engegård Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Sonoro
Adolph Thomsen: Childhood memories from Nordland – Johannes Held, Georgy Tchaidze, Engegård Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Sonoro
Monty: Czardaz – Arvid Engegård, Joachim Carr, Per Arne Glorvigen, Engegård Quartet, Doric String Quartet and Sonoro

Volt Ensemble visit Lofoten

Volt Ensemble is touring with their new concert series. We contribute to their concerts throughout Lofoten. First out is the Meieriet Kultursenter at Leknes, Thursday 23 August. Friday there will be a concert in Henningsvær, first in Henningsvær Church before the concert continue and conclude at the Trevarefabrikken. The concert series will end at Ramberg on Saturday 25 August.

Music in Movement 7 (MiM7) is a new concert series focusing on movement in time and space, between concert arenas and between musicians on stage. The audience can look forward to a journey between countries and continents in the program “Finale”.

On the stage this evening we find the Volt Ensemble with guest artists:
Christopher Tun Andersen, violin
Elisabeth Turmo, violin
Damon Taheri, viola
Ingvild Nesdal Sandnes, cello
Pedro Lopez Campos, flute
Giulio Potenza, piano
Oda Voltersvik, piano and project manager

The Volt Ensemble consists of gifted Scandinavian musicians with master’s degrees and diplomas from renowned universities internationally (Julliard School & Manhattan School New York, Royal College of Music London) and international careers individually. Previous concert venues include several concerts during the Grieg in Bergen International Festival, SPIRA Cultural Center, London Arts Club 1901 and Kabuso Cultural Center.

Leif Ove Andsnes visit Lofoten

We have been fortunate enough to capture one out of four solo concerts in Norway with Leif Ove Andsnes in 2020. He will be playing on the new grand piano in Buksnes Church on January 26 at 0700pm. Tickets are on sale.

The pianist Leif Ove Andsnes is by far Norway’s most prominent classical musician. He has been central to building the festival’s reputation for the first few years by visiting us regularly. He has continued to do so, and we are proud to have one out of only four solo concerts in Norway in 2020.

Since Leif Ove was central to the acquisition of the new grand piano in Buksnes Church, it was his own desire to put the concert here.

He plays music by Dvorak, Bartok and Schumann, and has promised to be generous with the extras.

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra visit Lofoten

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra has been one of Norway’s foremost musical export items since the beginning of the 1970s. In October we have the pleasure of having them in Lofoten. The concert will be held at Meieriet Kultursenter in Leknes on Friday 11 October at 0600pm.

The Norwegian violinist Terje Tønnesen has been artistic director for many years, but occasionally the orchestra engages guests as artistic directors.

In 2019, Arvid Engegård is their special guest, the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival artistic director since its beginning in 2004.

Engegård regularly conducts large orchestras, but has always preferred the smaller formats. With his own quartet he has won international recognition, and in this concert production he is in a desirable role: he leads the orchestra from the first violin.

The concert focuses on Norwegian trumpet player Tine Thing Helseth, another star we find just as often in large foreign halls as here at home. She plays two full concerts.
But like so many other musicians, Helseth is committed to recruiting new generations, so she brings together young brass blowers from the region to a seminar that will culminate in the opening piece of the concert.

The concert in the Dairy is part of a tour in Northern Norway which also goes to Narvik, Harstad and Bodø.

Changes in the program – two new artists

Since two of our musicians have cancelled, we are now announcing two new musicians for this year’s festival. We welcome the pianist Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula and tenor Johannes Held. Both arrive in Lofoten at Sunday and will be playing during the opening concert Monday.

Thursday afternoon we received a message that both pianist Ingrid Fliter and tenor Thorbjørn Gulbrandsøy are prevented from attending the festival. We have been looking forward to having them here, but have full understanding of the inconvenience that prevents them from traveling to Lofoten.

Despite short notice, we are very grateful to introduce both pianist Jean-Sélim Abdelmour and tenor Johannes Held as new artists. They are both international names that we have had in the spotlight already. They both arrive before the opening concert and will therefore participate already then.

During the week there will be minor changes in the program. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to make changes to printed material (program book and brochure). However, it will be possible to see the updated program digitally. Changes will be announced during the concerts.

Johannes Held, tenor
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Read this year’s program book digitally

The program book is a result of several years of work. In the book we present artists we started to book already 2 years ago. We present the events and concert program we have prepared over the past year, together with the artists. The book represents the festival we have been working on for a long time. Once the program book has gone into print, there is no way back.

In addition to an overview of the events and the concert program, the program book gives much more. Here you will become more familiar with the artists through interviews conducted by us. You can also read more about some of our concerts with historical facts you may not have known before. We have also written about the festival’s history in connection with the 15th anniversary. Several pictures illustrate some highlights.

The program book is distributed free of charge before our concerts. New this year, we also publish the program book digitally. We hope this gives even more people the opportunity to read and deepen.

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Join our new breakfast quiz!

We have experienced that many are happy to have breakfast with us. We therefore expand the breakfast offer with our own breakfast quiz at Lysstøperiet, Henningsvær. Our quizmaster this year is Wolfgang Plagge.

For several years we have arranged our own breakfast concert where the audience gets breakfast, music and entertainment. The breakfast concert has been sold out every year. In 2018 we decided to move the concert to Trevarefabrikken to get even better space.

Several have given us feedback that events earlier in the day are a nice variation in the festival. We have already introduced several lunch concerts – this year these will be on Friday (Kaviarfabrikken, Henningsvær) and Saturday (Henningsvær Church). In addition, three musical lectures will be held during the week.

We also wanted to make another breakfast concert. Unfortunately, this is challenging as most artists have daytime rehersals. That was how the idea of ​​breakfast quiz came up. That we already had Wolfgang Plagge in the program made this even easier. He has carried out similar concepts earlier and is looking forward to being the first quizmaster during the festival.

We look forward to inviting you to a breakfast quiz at Lysstøperiet in Henningsvær, Wednesday 10 July at 09.00. Breakfast is served from 08.15. The breakfast quiz is conducted in Norwegian.

Our quizmaster Wolfgang Plagge prepares the exercises for breakfast. There will be exercises related to classical music, relevant to the festival. Some of the exercises will have musical features in them. The purpose is for the participants to both show knowledge, but also learn something new. We hope that participants at all levels will enjoy the event.

It is possible to make teams, but we also expect more people to come alone or in smaller groups.

There will be prizes after the quiz.

Simple breakfast is included in the ticket.

For tickets, click here.

Breakfast at Lysstøperiet (Photo: Tom Helstad/Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival
Breakfast at Lysstøperiet (Photo: Tom Helstad/Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival
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15th anniversary gives free access

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival celebrates 15 years this year. We have in the past the pleasure of inviting other 15-year-olds to two of our concerts.

Our loyal audience in Lofoten has been an important prerequisite for the festival. We are constantly recognizing regular guests coming year after year. At the same time, we always aim to develop our audience – this is also the most important precondition for the festival’s future.

A general challenge is to get younger visitors to our classical concerts. In addition to the fact that we have developed several concepts we believe are more suitable for this age group, we want to see them on our main program.

Since we ourselves turn 15, we think it is nice to invite other 15 year olds for free to two of our concerts. This applies primarily to 15-year-olds, but for those who soon become 15 or just left 15 years old, we promise to be generous.

The concerts we offer free for 15 year olds are:
Tuesday July 9 at 7 pm: Concert in Buksnes Church, Gravdal
Wednesday, July 10 at 7 pm: Concert in the Lofoten Cathedral, Kabelvåg

To use the offer, tickets are available in the door before the concert.

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Wolfgang Plagge gives musical lectures

Throughout the festival week, Wolfgang Plagge will give several lectures with classical music as a theme. At the lectures, he has a piano set readily available for coloring and illustrations. In addition to the lectures, Wolfgang introduces several of the concerts, both in Vågan and Vestvågøy.

Wolfgang Plagge is remembered by the adult generation as the prodigy on the piano. Today he is both a popular pianist and composer, and not least a spiritual and entertaining lecturer. He often pulls himself on the keys to exemplify.

For this year’s festival he has tailored three lectures that fit well with both the festival, the program and not least the audience. The themes are meant to be simple in order to also attract those who are not necessarily educated in classical music. At the same time, the point is that even simple topics within the music can show how complex some things are. The purpose is to give an increased understanding of compositions, the music, and not least the classical music tradition as such.

NB: All lectures are conducted in Norwegian.

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Sonoro comes where you are

In connection with our 15th anniversary, we want to make us extra visible – for the whole of Lofoten. We have therefore invited the string quartet Sonoro to Lofoten. They are not part of the main program during the festival, but will be traveling around and play where people are otherwise.

The quartet will hold several mini concerts outside the official program. Although the concerts are announced in advance, the goal is to meet the audience where they are. In addition to squares, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, we hope the weather allows us to create moods of mountain peaks and beaches as well.

Please let us know ( if you want the quartet for your neighborhood this summer.

In addition, Sonoro will attend the breakfast concert and the final concert in collaboration with the pianist Georgy Tchaidze.

Sonoro String Quartet was established in 2018 and consists of Victoria Lewis, Martha-Pil Neumer, Tuva Odland and Hedda Aadland. They are all students at Barratt Due Young Talents and Edvard Munch High School, and usually have Kari Ravnan, cellist in the Oslo Philharmonic, as their chamber music teacher.

The quartet is part of the Oslo Quartet Series, Young Quartet series and has played master classes for several famous quartets, which blah. Juilliard String Quartet and Quator Ebene. They have also played for great musicians such as Henning Kraggerud, Atle Sponberg and Leif Ove Andsnes.

As chamber musicians, the members have won several awards and awards, and held many large concerts both in Norway and abroad.

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