Classic November Light

Earlier this spring, the Lofoten Piano Festival 2020 was canceled due to Covid-19. The situation made it unthinkable to carry out as planned, but the early cancellation made it possible to rethink. Classic November Light was ment to be a bonus festival already this fall. Unfortunately, this festival got cancelled as well.

The Classic November Light was supposed to open Wednesday 11 November in Svolvær Church and end on Sunday 15 November in Buksnes Church. The festival was strongly inspired by both the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival and the Lofoten Piano Festival, which is normally held in July. The main differences were first and foremost the length and number of concerts of the festival. As usual, the artistic level was leveled high.

Klassisk Novemberlys avlyst
Lofoten Cathedral


Although Classical November Light was ment to be an independent festival, several elements were taken from the Lofoten Piano Festival which was to be performed this summer. For example, Bach’s well-known Goldberg variations were supposed to be performed by pianist Christian Ihle Hadland. Among the new elements were in particular the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, which, among other things, wanted to perform Grieg’s Holberg Suite, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for strings.


Travel restrictions made it difficult to focus on the international artists already scheduled for the summer festival. Still, pianist Christian Ihle Hadland, soprano Ann-Helen Moen, and violinist Arvid Engegård with his own quartet, were included. In addition, pianist Joachim Carr and the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra  announced their arrival and were supposed to hold several concerts during the Classical November Light. The orchestra is led by none other than master violinist Henning Kraggerud

Arvid Engegård