New classical festival this fall

There will be a new festival of classical music in Lofoten this fall. This comes after the Lofoten Piano Festival 2020 was canceled due to Covid-19. The situation made it unthinkable to carry out as planned, but the early cancellation made it possible to rethink. The new festival is organized by the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival under the name Classical November Light.

A smaller, high-quality festival

The Classic November Light opens on Wednesday 11 November in Svolvær Church and ends on Sunday 15 November in Buksnes Church. The festival is strongly inspired by the festivals that are normally conducted in July. The main differences are first and foremost to be seen in the length and number of concerts of the festival. As usual, the artistic level will be held high.

Travel restrictions have made it difficult to focus on the international artists already scheduled for this summer’s festival in Lofoten. Still, pianist Christian Ihle Hadland, soprano Ann-Helen Moen, and violinist Arvid Engegård with their own quartet are still included. In addition, the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra has announced its arrival and will hold several concerts during the festival. The orchestra is led by none other than master violinist Henning Kraggerud.

A number of elements of the program from this summer’s festival are also passed on to Classic November Light. For example, Bach’s well-known Goldberg variations are still performed by pianist Christian Ihle Hadland. Among the new elements are the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, which, among other things, performs Grieg’s Holberg Suite, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for strings.

A festival for everyone

The summer festivals are adapted to an audience from both far and near. This is also a time when most people have holidays and therefore better time to take part in our events. The timing of the autumn festival therefore also characterizes its implementation.

Classic November LIght are especially designed for a wide audience in Lofoten. Not only is the festival shorter, but the number of daily main concerts has been reduced from two to one. The time of these concerts is adapted to take better account of both work and leisure activities. The festival will also collaborate with, among others, the pre-Christmas adventure in Henningsvær with several smaller concerts. In addition to the breakfast concert, there will also be a children’s concert – a concert intended for the very young in the Meieriet Art Center.

Compared to the summer festivals, the price level is generally lower at all events so that more people have the opportunity to attend the concerts. Prices are published as soon as ticket sales begin. It has already been decided that the opening concert in Svolvær Church and the final concert in Buksnes Church will be for free. However, it will not be possible to buy festival passes for the festival.

Ticket sales start July 1st.

Music festivals during Covid-19

Although the forecast for the autumn looks good, there are still restrictions affecting larger events. The implementation of the Classic November Light will therefore continuously be adapted to the restrictions that apply at all times. This means that changes may still occur in connection with the events. The most important thing is that it should be safe for everyone to attend a festival in Lofoten.

This applies in particular to restrictions on the number of people who can gather in the same room, distance between people in the same room, and registration of contact information on all visitors. In addition to general restrictions, there is close dialogue with several of the concert venues that have their own guides and special requirements for facilitation.

Ticket sales will open based on current restrictions and will be adjusted along the way to the various events. Therefore, please understand the following:

  • Today, there are restrictions on how many people can gather in the same room. Ticket sales will therefore start with a limited number of tickets, with the high hope that this number can increase towards the festival. It is therefore recommended to be out early to secure seats as these may be restricted.
  • Today, there is a requirement that all organizers keep lists of names for all visitors, which must be kept for 10 days after the event. If this requirement remains in effect, all ticket buyers will be contacted in advance of events to provide names associated with all tickets. This is a measure to avoid queuing before the concerts.
  • There are currently restrictions on distance between people. This affects the seating configuration at the various concert venues. It will therefore not be possible to reserve seats until later this fall. Already purchased tickets are then used to reserve a seat. Those who have already purchased tickets will be contacted and given the opportunity to reserve seats before they are put out for open sale.

The same solution will be used for free concerts.

Read more about Classic November Light. Information about the festival is also published continuously on the festival’s facebook page.

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