11. - 16. July 2022

Lofoten Piano Festival

The artistic director of the Lofoten Piano Festival 2022 is Dénes Varjon. He has put together a varied and exciting program with international artists. Read more about the program and the artists below.

As usual, the concerts are held in several of Lofoten’s churches, culture houses, restaurants and art galleries. The magical landscape in Lofoten is therefore a natural part of the festival experience.

Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival will be held next time 10. – 15. July 2023.


The program for Lofoten Piano Festival 2022 is ready. Changes may occur.


Tickets to Lofoten Piano Festival 2022 ca be purchased here.


The artists for Lofoten Piano Festival 2022 are ready. Changes may occur.

Festival pass

Festival pass to Lofoten Piano Festival 2022 can be purchased here.

Denés Varjon | artistic director

The Hungarian pianist Denés Varjon has agreed to be the artistic director of the Lofoten Piano Festival 2022.

Denés Varjon is next to Sir András Schiff, Hungary’s most in demand musician. He is just as at home with large orchestras as he is with smaller solo concerts. He is also known for his work with chamber music and is a widely used educator. He is regularly heard in various constellations at the largest concert halls worldwide.

Read an interview with Denés Varjon here.

Denés Varjon has extensive experience as artistic director at several festivals, including leading for many years a chamber series at the Liszt Academy in Budapest.

He has known and collaborated with Arvid Engegårdsince 1986. He participated for the first time in Lofoten in 2013, and was actually supposed to be part of the Lofoten Piano Festival 2020 which was canceled.

With Denés Varjon, Lofoten Piano Festival has once again secured a world name in the management. This will strengthen the festival’s reputation, also internationally.

One of the first tasks as artistic director is to engage a highly qualified team of musicians for the festival. As these are attracted people, recruitment usually starts 1-2 years before the festival. Then the festival program is made.

We warmly welcome Denés Varjon.