Infection control during the festival

The focus will be on infection control during the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival 2021. This is primarily to avoid infection, but also to make the audience feel as safe as possible at the festival’s concerts.

Several adaptations will characterize the festival. First and foremost, there will be shorter concerts than usual. There will also be no breaks during the concerts. All concert venues are prepared in line with current distance restrictions. The festival’s volunteers will be extra helpful in maintaining the necessary infection control before and after the concerts. Hand alcohol will of course be available at all events.

In case of symptoms and / or suspicion of infection, we ask you not to come to the concert.

Information on infection control will be provided from the stage at all events. Everyone can therefore enjoy the concerts despite new adaptations. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable experience.


For the sake of infection control, it is recommended that everyone buys tickets before arriving at the events. This limits the risk of queuing and unnecessary close contact. Tickets can be purchased electronically on the festival’s website or at Lofoten Kulturhus.

When buying tickets, families / cohorts can buy group tickets. These must then be reserved at the same time and charged with the same payment card.

Restrictions mean that only a limited number of tickets are issued for all concerts. It will therefore be sold out, even in the largest churches. To compensate for this, some concerts will be repeated – also at different destinations. Read more about this in the program.

Name lists

Upon arrival at the festival’s events, everyone must register their name and telephone number. The information will only be used in case of infection tracking. Name lists are shredded after 10 days.

This also applies to families / cohorts with several people.


Both seats and benches are cleaned before and after the festival’s events. Other contact surfaces are also cleaned regularly.

Several of the churches used during the festival have limited toilet capacity. To avoid queues and unnecessary close contact, everyone is asked to pay attention to this. Hand alcohol will be available before and after the festival’s events. Everyone is encouraged to use these.


Most events during the festival will, as usual, have numbered seats. For the sake of infection control, everyone is encouraged to find their place as soon as they arrive at the event. The festival’s volunteers will be especially helpful in referring to the right seats to avoid queues.

If you arrive with a cohort, it is possible to sit closer than instructed. Although the festival’s volunteers will be helpful, it is also the audience’s responsibility to keep the necessary distance during the events.

The events

To avoid unnecessary close contact, everyone is encouraged to stay seated during the concerts. There are therefore no breaks. The concerts, on the other hand, are shorter than usual to take this call into account.

After the concert, everyone is encouraged to leave their seats slowly. In the churches, the rows closest to the exit will be emptied first. We ask everyone to show consideration to avoid unnecessary close contact. The festival volunteers will be helpful.

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