Grand Pianos in Lofoten

7. Lofoten Folkehøyskole: Steinway & Sons model B, 2013

Lofoten Folkehøyskole is often used for lectures during Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival. The school has a suitable auditorium with its own grand piano which is diligently used. At the festival’s concerts in the Lofoten Cathedral – just a few hundred meters away – it is common for the artists to warm up right there.

The prehistory of the instrument is actually about a fire Easter 2013. There was admittedly no major damage to the building, but smoke and water still affected the equipment significantly. In the auditorium was, among other things, an old Petrof grand piano with major damage.

The music-interested principal Brynjar Tollefsen was given the task by the insurance company to find a professional who could comment on the injuries. Brynjar – who is also chairman of the board of Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival – contacted Knut Kirkesæther. After an inspection, it could be stated that the instrument had to be condemned.

A suitable instrument of good quality

The value of the older grand piano was set by the insurance company at 250,000,-. At the same time, Trond Hellstrøm at Hellstrøm Pianoin Oslo had completely restored a Steinway & Sons model B from approx. year 1920. The grand piano looked like a new one for confusion. Here, too, Christian Ihle Hadland was used as a consultant. He just sighed with relief at the qualities of this instrument.

The price of the newly renovated instrument was set at 260,000,-. In other words, Lofoten Folkehøgskole had its older Petrof replaced with a newly renovated Steinway & Sons model B for a fee of 10,000,-. Talk about coups!

The instrument arrived at Kabelvåg before the school was completely renovated, and was therefore only used in Henningsvær Church during the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival 2013. The rest of the wait was spent at home in Brynjar Tollefsen’s living room.

grand piano

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