11. Svolvær Church: Steinway & Sons model D, 2019

In Svolvær Church there was for a long time a good, but smaller grand piano that was not really suitable for this room. Therefore, the church was not much used during the festivals, with the exception of a concert in the summer of 2019. In retrospect, the discussion began in the festival’s board about whether or not Svolvær Church should also acquire a bigger grand piano. This is without a doubt – together with Stamsund Church – the church with the best acoustics for classical music in Lofoten.

Knut Kirkesæther moved to Oslo in the autumn of 2019. He then got in better contact with the new owner of Steinway Norway, Gisle Daus. In his showroom at Stortingsgata 30, he had exhibited a newly renovated Steinway & Sons model D. The instrument had stood for 30 years at Heimdal Upper Secondary School just outside Trondheim. The instrument worked very well, and the price was “only” 750,000,-. Again, Christian Ihle Hadland was sent out to take a look at the quality. He was very well pleased.

The festival’s second grand piano

As the organ in Svolvær Church had been out of operation since 2017, a fundraising campaign was already underway under the auspices of the congregation. It was therefore inconceivable to suggest that Svolvær Church should invest in the instrument.

During a board meeting in the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festivalin the autumn of 2019, this summer’s profits were again a topic. At the same time, the festival was in the process of entering into a new sponsorship agreement with Nordic Last og Buss – which is owned by the art-interested Per Gunnar Strømberg Rasmussen. The board was therefore unconditionally positive about financing the instrument.

After a bit of haggling, the price ended at 675,000,-, which was financed with a 5-year loan in Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge of 400,000,-. The rest was paid for in cash by the festival.

Christmas gift to Svolvær Church

Svolvær Church received its Steinway & Sons model D in mid-December, and was further consecrated by pianist Christian Grøvlen 10. March 2020. Steinway & Son’s grand piano number 10 was in place in Lofoten. The grand piano that used to stand in the church was placed in Straumen Church just outside Laukvik.

grand piano

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