Infection control at our concerts

We have a strong focus on infection control at our concerts. This will affect the festival in several ways. As an audience, you can help us succeed in creating a safe and enjoyable festival for everyone.

In case of any symptoms and/or suspicion of infection, we ask you not to come to the concert.

Purchase of tickets

Tickets for all the concerts can be purchased on our website. We recommend that you buy tickets before the concerts to avoid queues and unnecessary physical contact before the concerts. Due to limited space at the concerts, there are also very few tickets for each concert. It might therefore be sold out, even in the largest churches.

Name lists

Upon arrival at the concert you will be asked to write down your name and telephone number on a list. This will only be used in case of an infection trace. Name lists are shredded after 10 days.


Both seats and benches are cleaned before and after the concerts. Other contact surfaces are also disinfected regularly. If possible, we also recommend everyone to wash their hands before the concerts. Hand disinfection will otherwise be placed in several places at the concerts. We encourage these to be used on arrival and departure.


Our volunteers will be especially helpful in finding seats to avoid queues at the concerts. In the churches, every other row is used and there must be a minimum of one seat number between each person. If you arrive with a cohort, you have the opportunity to sit closer. Although our volunteers will be helpful, it is the audience’s responsibility to keep the necessary distance from each other.

During the concert

To avoid physical contact, everyone is encouraged to stay seated during the concerts. There are therefore no breaks, but the concerts are shortened to fit this format.

After the concert

The concert halls are encouraged to be emptied slowly from the rows closest to the exits. Volunteers will be helpful for this. This will be informed before the concert starts.

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