Classical November Light cancelled

After a board meeting in Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival on Friday 6th November, Classic November Light has been decided to be canceled. The festival was originally scheduled to open Wednesday 11th November.

The background for the decision is new Government Regulations published 5th November:

“… 200 persons at indoor events such as sports events, cultural events, seminars, philosophical gatherings, given that everyone sits in fixed seats.”

«Church benches or interconnected / free-standing rows of chairs are not considered fixed seats, even if they are fixed to the floor. This means that in rooms where there are benches, such as churches and sports halls, there will be a maximum of 50 people and there must be at least 1 meter distance between the people in the seats in all directions. “

As Klassisk Novemberlys was mainly to be carried out in Lofoten’s churches, this has a major impact on ticket sales and the economy.

A cancellation so close to the opening of the festival means that the fees of the freelance musicians are still paid in full.

The decision to cancel also supports the current situation in the country. As recently as Thursday, the government encouraged everyone to stay at home. This gives a bad aftertaste in relation to inviting to a music festival.

As long as infection control is a priority, cultural organizers are encouraged to carry out their planned events. For the festival’s, strict infection control procedures were planned for both the audience and musicians. We were really looking forward to carrying out the festival despite the situation.

All tickets are refundable. Anyone who wants a refund is asked to contact knut@lofotenfestival.com. The money is then paid to the account that was used to buy the tickets.

Revenues from any tickets that are not refunded will go to the organ case in Svolvær Church and the grand piano case in Buksnes Church in its entirety. This is done as a compensation for the opening concert (Svolvær Church) and the final concert (Buksnes Church) which was intended for free, but with a call to support the cases.

As organizers of Classic November Light, we are sorry for the cancellation. It is also a pity to have to cancel for the second time this year. We still promise to come back strong when the time is right for this.

Until then, we all ask to take good care of themselves and each other.

Classical November Light cancelled

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