Looking back 2019

At the same time as the Lofoten Piano Festival 2020 is planned, we share a look back at this summer’s chamber music festival 2019. Although the programming of the festivals is somewhat different, we use the experience between them for what they are worth. In addition, we receive several valuable feedback from the audience, artists and other stakeholders who are very helpful. This makes it even more inspiring to create a new festival in 2020.

15 years in Lofoten

The Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival 2019 was not only a festival, but also a celebration of our 15 years in Lofoten. This we celebrated a little extra. In addition to H.M. Queen Sonja provided the official opening, the concert program was perhaps the best we have ever had. It was breadth, depth and variety that created a week of many temptations for many. With international artists from the top shelf, everything was delivered with high quality.

After 15 years the festival has gradually grown. Never before have we had such a good response to ticket sales that started already in January. We also set a new record for the sale of festival passes that were released before Christmas.

In addition to the main program, we had several side events. In particular, pianist Wolfgang Plagge received attention with his musical lectures. Although we have had lectures in the past, this was a new framework for both music and theme.

Queen opening

Concert in the midnight sun

Among other events, the string quartet Sonoro held several smaller concerts at cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and museums in Lofoten. The quartet consists of four girls aged 17 and 18 from Oslo. With the string quartet Sonoro we had a highlight in the midnight sun at Hov Gjestegård on Gimsøy.

In collaboration with Lofotposten, Sonoro also conducted a private house concert. This was in connection with a summer competition in the newspaper.

Concert in midnight sun
Finale concert in Buksnes Church
Finale concert in Buksnes Church end with a real finale

Dream concert drew people

What was perhaps most daring, however, was the Dream Concert with Wolfgang Plagge on Thursday at 2300. Here we encouraged the audience to bring sleeping mats, pillow and sleeping bag to enjoy the music on their own terms. Something similar has never been done during the festival before. Still, approx. 60 audience members take the trip to enjoy what became not just a concert, but an experience.

Big thanks to all the volunteers

Like previous years, we cannot thank our volunteers enough. The festival would not have been possible without all the volunteers involved throughout the festival week. In order to get started, carry out, and not least finish the festival there are a number of tasks that need to be solved. Some can be planned, but very many occur along the way. They work from morning to night to make sure that artists, audiences, concert halls have everything they need to create the best experiences during the festival.

Lofoten Piano Festival 2020

We are looking forward to the Lofoten Piano Festival which opens on Monday 6 July. Keep up to date on our Facebook page. We publish information on artists, programs and tickets on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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