Piano to Valberg Church

One year after the fundraising campaign, a shiny and new piano is now in place at Valberg Church.

It has taken almost a year to collect the approximately NOK 150,000 instrument costs. It was the order itself that took a long time. One did not want a piano in the traditional black piano lacquer as the piano would then become somewhat dominant in the room.

The congregation decided on a mahogany red instrument to better match the colors of the church, and that color was not inventory. The piano had to be made from scratch in Japan, and has traveled the long way from there to Lofoten this fall.

The piano will be used from day one, but official inauguration will take place on Thursday 31 January in collaboration with the Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival. The program for the dedication is broadly composed by local musicians and choirs, but also the young Norwegian pianist Joachim Carr plays. He has participated in both the piano edition and the chamber edition, and has the same week recordings in Stamsund church.

This happens again because Leif Ove Andsnes has a concert in Buksnes church on Sunday 26 January. Leif Ove rarely plays without the festival’s regular “piano doctor” Thomas Hübsch from Berlin preparing the grand piano. He takes care of the grand piano in Stamsund during the recording. And of course: when such a capacity is in Lofoten, it also gives Valberg Church the opportunity to have the instrument tuned and adjusted before the dedication.

We congratulate Valberg Church with a beautiful piano, and we promise to continue with concerts in this beautiful and evocative church.

Piano in Valberg Church

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