Valberg Church

Valberg Church (Norwegian: Valberg kirke) is a parish church of the Church of Norway in Vestvågøy Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is located in the village of Valberg on the island of Vestvågøya. It is the church for the Valberg parish which is part of the Lofoten prosti (deanery) in the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland. The white, wooden church was built in a long church style in 1889 by the architect A. Grenstad. The church seats about 280 people.

The first church at Valberg was built around 1660. It shared a priest with Buksnes until 1740 when it was transferred to the Borge parish. In 1749, the church was destroyed during a powerful storm. The second church at Valberg was completed a few years after the first one was destroyed. This church was destroyed in a storm in 1818. A third church building was completed the next year. That church was used until 1888 when a new church (the present church) was built. The old church was torn down in 1890. There were extensive renovations done on the building in the early 1950s.

Source: Wikipedia

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