In order for both our artists and our audience to have the best possible experience during the concerts, there are many tasks that must be solved. Both before and after the concerts it is hard work for each concert to become a highlight.

It would not have been possible to carry out our festivals without a large network of knowledgeable and committed people. We are very grateful to all volunteers who set up every year and make this possible.

We constantly want to expand our network. If you would like to volunteer during our festivals, we appreciate your contact with us.

What can you do?

During the festival a wide range of tasks are carried out. Since our concerts are spread around in Lofoten, it is an advantage to have your own car. We still try as well as we can to plan our transports.

  • Food / Catering
  • Serving
  • Bar
  • Audience host
  • Firewatch
  • Ticket sales
  • Artist host
  • Artist transportation
  • Instrument transportation

What can we offer?

If you want to contribute, we can promise you a week with a unique community, wonderful music and several good experiences.

Most of the tasks are related to the concerts. You will therefore be at the core of what happens when you contribute. In addition, you get free access to one or more of our concerts.

Send in your interest here: